What I've Been Reading

I'm a little bit of an information hoarder. Whenever I find a website/blog/article that I find interesting online, I like to bookmark it in case I ever need to refer back to it. I'd love to have a way to share these with others who might find them interesting, and discuss some of the ideas in them. I'm still figuring out how to best do that, but this Notion database is my first step. Let me know what you think!

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Web Articles

Common Causes of Very Bad Decisions · Collaborative Fund
I interviewed at five top companies in Silicon Valley in five days, and luckily got five job offers | by Xiaohan Zeng | Medium
Fortunately, I don't squash my commits
My Algorithm for Beating Procrastination - LessWrong
Tweek — Super Simple To-Do Weekly Calendar
Global Capital Is the Tail That Wags the U.S. Economic Dog - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Opinion | Trump Sent a Warning. Let’s Take It Seriously. - The New York Times
MakeHub – Discover bootstrapped startups
'Ugh fields', or why you can’t even bear to think about that task | Medium
Income inequality: RAND study reveals shocking new numbers
Introduction to Technical Indicators and Oscillators [ChartSchool]
Raspberry Pi as a local server for self hosting applications - News from Chris
n8n.io - Free and Open Workflow Automation Tool
Oblique Strategies - Wikipedia
The Economist explains - Thomas Piketty’s “Capital”, summarised in four paragraphs | The Economist explains | The Economist
Why inequality matters | Bill Gates
Who I Want to Hire
Hard to discover tips and apps for making macOS pleasant - Tristan Hume
David Graeber
5 Engineering Manager Archetypes
Functional False
The Purpose of Technology
The World is moving from Scarcity of Capital to Scarcity of Attention – Ernest Oppetit
Ady Barkan, Activist and DNC Speaker, on Biden and 'Medicare for All' - The New York Times
‎The Great Beauty on iTunes
Joe Biden's Stutter, and Mine - The Atlantic
Thriving on the Technical Leadership Path - Keavy McMinn
Why Is This Idiot Running My Engineering Org? | by Marianne Bellotti | Aug, 2020 | Medium
What Is Piquette? The Next Big Thing for Natural Wine Fans - Eater
Broccoli: Syncing faster by syncing less - Dropbox
Too Big to Nail - Breaking Smart
Come for the Network, Pay for the Tool
Chain reaction: bridging the Zoomer-Boomer divide
How the Simulmatics Corporation Invented the Future | The New Yorker
Coronavirus Conversations With One of America’s Richest Men - Bloomberg
Universal Basic Income is Capitalism 2.0 | TimJRobinson
My President Was Black - The Atlantic
My Startup Reading List · Stay SaaSy
What the heroin industry can teach us about solar power - BBC News
Our remote work future is going to suck
How Vladimir Putin’s embrace of China weakens Russia | Briefing | The Economist
Passwordless logins with Yubikey
Go is not an easy language